Tips For Decorating Your Cell Phone

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repairs.11Have you begun to feel as if your brand new cell phone is indistinguishable from everyone else’s? Maybe you want to jazz it up a bit so that it becomes more interesting to you. Upgrading your phone in terms of aesthetics will also make it an investment, since it can function as an additional accessory for your everyday outfit. There are several useful ways that you can bring up your phone so that it becomes a uniquely personalized accessory that anyone will recognize as yours; this way, it can be part of your personal style as well. With this in mind, here are some tips that you might find useful when it comes to decorating your cell phone.
Bejewel your phone to make it stand out
If you are the type of person who prefers glitter and brightness over the more subtle decorations, you have the option of bejeweling your phone to make it uniquely yours. Before starting on your DIY craft project to bejewel your phone, you will need either rhinestone or costume jewels; the next step is drawing up a design so that you can begin attaching the bling onto your phone. There is also an alternative use for this method of decorating your phone; it can be used to cover up any cracks on the plastic casing. However, you can simply check out places for ipad screen repairs North Sydney offers a good many places that will fix up your damaged device for you. Depending on your device, and whether it needs technicians for Samsung or iphone repair, north Sydney will undoubtedly provide you with what you need. However, if you still feel confident enough to take on the crack on your own, you can apply clear liquid cement to the crack and place rhinestones upon it.
Use nail polish to create art
Transform your dowdy and mundane cell phone into a work of art by drawing or doodling on it with nail polish. Make sure that you check your phone’s ability to handle the polish by performing a test run and then erasing it with nail polish remover. Next, make sure that the camera and screens are covered so that the polish cannot get on them and cause any damage. Your final task is to actually paint your chosen design on the phone with the nail polish brush. If you happen to make any mistakes during the painting, you have the opportunity to correct them instantly if you manage to dab the nail polish remover on in time. Keep your designs less elaborate while using more colors for diversity.